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Yes! These social media templates are totally free!

We just need your email to send you these free social media posts that you can customize to fit your brand.

If you liked these templates, but you still don't have a lot of time to be managing your local business' social media pages, contact us so we can get started taking care of it for you!

Other ideas of what to post on your local trades business social media page:

Project Showcases

- Before and after photos of completed projects. People love these! Try to take both pictures from the same place/angle.

- Behind-the-scenes shots of your team in action. REELS are great for this!

- Videos or photo slideshows that highlight the transformation of a space. Even better: time lapse!

social media post of before and after concrete curbing utah business
social media post about "steps for winterizing your sprinkler system." utah sprinkler business social media.

tips & how-to guides

- Informative posts with tips on home maintenance, such as how to light your pilot light on your furnace or how to winterize your sprinklers yourself.

- How-to guides for small DIY projects, like "How to Build an Outdoor Garden Box."

- Video tutorials demonstrating common repair or maintenance tasks.

customer reviews

- Share reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

- Showcase before-and-after photos along with customer feedback.

social media post of 5 star review from customer roofing business social media
social media utah business artificial turf special offer post

Seasonal Promotions

- Highlight seasonal services or promotions, such as a discount on furnace replacement in winter.

team introductions

- Introduce your owner & team member with photos and brief "about us" blurbs. Make yourselves relatable to your audience.

- Share your experience aand how long you've been working in your trade.

utah sprinkler company social media post owner
funny sprinkler meme

Funny memes

- Posting memes related to your industry is a great way to induce engagement with your audience. 

- Memes and jokes gives you a more friendly, approachable vibe on social media.

Inspirational quotes

- For much the same reason as memes or jokes, posting inspirational quotes can inspire your audience and boost engagement on your social media account. When people start liking or commenting more, they will see your other promotional posts more often.

inspirational quote about gardens, sprinkler company social media post
did you know? social media post

fun facts & trivia

- Share interesting facts related to your trade or the history of your business.

- Create social media contests with trade-related trivia questions.

Something cute!

- Posting photos of something cute, like young children or pets, can boost engagement as well. Just make sure you relate it to your trades business. For example, if you have a sprinkler company, you can post a video of kids and puppies playing in the sprinklers in the summer.

cute baby and mom smiling social media post family lawyer

More tips for your business' social media: There are many different ideas of what to post on social media. For a local trades business, you probably don't need to be posting every day; just enough that your potential customers can check you out, see your recent jobs, and follow you on social media if they are interested in future services. Social media ads are also typically less expensive per click than google ads. 

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