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5 Ideas to Post on Social Media for your Home Services Business

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

We know that when it comes to running a home services business, your hands are full with fixing, remodeling, and making homes cozier. But keep in mind that in this digital age, a strong social media presence can work wonders for your brand. So, if you're looking for social media post ideas for your home services business, we've got you covered.

Social media strategy planning
Social media strategy planning

1. Before and After Showdown

Who doesn't love a jaw-dropping transformation? Take your followers on a journey by showcasing before-and-after shots of your projects. It could be a faded kitchen turned into a culinary paradise, a dusty attic morphed into a cozy reading nook, or a shabby backyard transformed into an outdoor oasis. Let the visuals do the talking, and watch those likes and shares pour in!

2. Quick Fix Tips

Share some nifty DIY tips that can save the day for your followers. Think leaky faucet hacks, easy wall painting tricks, or how to unclog a drain using stuff lying around the house. Show that you're not just about offering services but also about helping folks out in a pinch.

3. Meet the Team Monday

Introduce the faces behind the tools! Give your followers a sneak peek into the lives of your team members. Share some fun facts, their favorite home improvement stories, or even their most embarrassing on-the-job blunders. It humanizes your brand and makes you more approachable.

4. Client Shoutouts

Spread the love by featuring some of your happy clients. Share their stories, how you helped them, and the smiles you brought to their faces. Real stories from real people go a long way in building trust and showing potential customers what you're capable of.

5. Home Services Business Myth Busters

Time to bust those home improvement myths that have been floating around forever. Can you really fix a hole in the wall with toothpaste? Is turning off the AC when you're not home actually a money-saver? Pick a myth to debunk with humor, then watch your audience respond and share their own "mythical" tales.

Users actively participating by sharing their own content, exemplifying a successful user-generated content strategy."
Users actively participating by sharing their own content, exemplifying a successful user-generated content strategy."

Here is how we can help you build your social media presence:

Google Listing Growth: Helping you stand out on the world's biggest search engine, making sure folks find you when they need you.

Website Optimization: Turning that online space of yours into a smooth and attractive experience for your potential clients.

Social Media Build: Crafting a social media presence that's as solid as a brick wall, letting you connect with your audience and show off your incredible work.

So there you have it, friends! Remember, it's all about showing sharing knowledge, and bringing a smile to your followers' faces. And if you're in need of a digital push, give us a shout – we are all about simple services that make a big difference. Happy posting!

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