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The Basics of Web Design: Crafting an Engaging Online Experience for Utah Businesses

In many instances, your website is your main digital hub for information for your potential clients (as well as a way for Google to know where to rank you). An aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website is important for your potential clients. You want to capture information, and retain the attention of online visitors. In this blog post, we'll explore the fundamental parts of web design and user experience/user interface (UX/UI) design, and how they work together to create an engaging online experience, specifically for trades businesses (but this can be applied to any industry!).

two women looking at laptop

Web Design: The Visual Foundation

Web design is all about aesthetics, layout, and the overall look of your website. It's the artistic side of crafting a web presence and aims to captivate visitors at first glance. Here are some core aspects of web design:

The layout of your website should be organized, intuitive, and guide users seamlessly through your content and pages. It should feature a logical structure that mirrors the hierarchy of information. In other words, make sure all the necessary information is organized into the right web pages and that all your pages can be found on your menu. Don't make it a complicated treasure hunt to find relevant information. Make it self-intuitive to find information.

Color plays a significant role in web design. The choice of colors should align with your brand identity, evoke the right emotions, and ensure readability. Make sure there is enough contrast between the background photos or colors, and the colors you choose for your text.

color palette inspo with green, blue, and pink.
Choose a pleasing and cohesive color palette that represents your business.

The right typography enhances readability and communicates your brand's personality. It's essential to choose fonts that are legible and appealing. To keep it simple, you can Google "best font pairings" and get some ideas for free fonts you can use that look good together on your website.

icon of the letter A, representing font choices
Choose fonts that are easy to read and that compliment each other!

High-quality images and graphics add visual appeal to your website. They should be relevant, responsive, and optimized for fast loading. (Too-high image resolutions can bog down your website load times.)

Make sure buttons, forms, and other controls that are easy to identify and use. Use with the same color and font families to keep it simpler for you and your website visitor.

Keep it consistent. Don't have completely different fonts or colors on different pages. Keep it universal and easy to read!

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Many web design softwares have a mobile view editor, so don't forget to check it to make sure the formatting is easy to read on a mobile device before you publish your site.

web page design that is optimized for many different screen sizes
Make sure your website is optimized for all screen sizes, including mobile devices!

Keep your ideal customer in mind. What demographic will be visiting your site? (Specific age or gender?) Understand user needs, preferences, and behaviors through research and user testing. Adjust the experience of your web page and web design using this information.

BluTrade Brands: Web Design in Utah

We at BluTrade, keep the customer in mind when designing and writing copy for your website. We make sure your website is easy to read, navigate, and loads properly. All of our websites we manage for our clients are kept under surveillance with software to track ranking keywords. We not only design your website to look modern, sleek, and user-friendly, but we constantly update your website and post blog posts based on desired keywords.

We may be a web design and social media marketing company based in Utah, but we have clients all over the United States!

Remember: Outsourcing your website is not a failure. Many business owners hire a web designer, even small businesses! You are a pro at your business, and running it. You may not be a pro at web design, but that's ok! BluTrade Brands is the pro at web design, social media marketing, and keyword research. We're the digital pros you need to manage the digital side of things! (So you can keep doing the things you actually enjoy.)



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